Honorary Members

The following members have been recognized for their commitment and service, not only to the Foodsters, but also to the food industry in Northern California. The HLM is honored each year at the January Meeting.

Irv Abrahams
Al Basini, Sr.
John C. Bauer
Dick Bentley
Roderick T. Bentley (2005)
Bill Bowen
Ralph Bunje
Mary Lou Cockcroft
Ron Cole
Raymond P. Donahue
Bob Duerson
Bob Earle
Irwin Gibbs (2007)
Gerry Guerin
Jack Herring
Hank Jacobson
Robert Jahnke
Bill Johnson
Larry Jones
Richard “Dick” Kay (2006)
Bill Langan
Bob LeBaron
Pete Maiers
Chuck Mancine (2004)
Al Massucco (2003)
Robert McClurg
Adrian (Ade) McNamara (2002)
Dick Neuman (2009)
Thomas O’Conner
Dave Olsen (2008)
Norm Piner
Paul Raupach
William “Bill” Rocha (2012)
Rick Schmidli
Everett Stites
Jack Sullivan
Lawrence Taber
Jim Triplett